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IVR Payments: 10 Things Insurers Should Know

Are you offering your insurance customers they payment options they want? Interactive Voice Response (IVR) payments are a great option to include. Here are 10 things you should know about IVR payments. IVR payments can be made day or night. Do you have representatives working 9:00 to 5:00? Guess what – that’s when many of […]

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Auto Insurance Outlook: Preparing for the Perfect Storm

When a rare combination of adverse meteorological factors come together, an unpredictable storm is often the result. That might be exactly what the auto insurance industry faces in 2021. Here are some of the stats behind the ominous clouds. 2020 Was a Good Year for Car Thieves. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, 873,080 […]

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Auto Insurance Churn Is Up – Digital Claims Payments Can Help


Auto insurance customers know they have options. They won’t stay with an insurance company unless they think they’re getting a good deal – and the premium isn’t the only thing that matters. More and more, offering digital claims payments is an essential piece of the insurance customer satisfaction puzzle.  Changes in Auto Insurance Shopping Patterns […]

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New Trends in Online Payment Processing

Have you ever mapped out the customer journey for your auto and home policyholders? If you did, you’d discover this interesting truth: Most policyholder interactions involve payments. Either they’re paying you premiums or you’re paying them for claims. Because your most frequent policyholder touchpoint involves payments, it’s vital to have a cutting edge payment processing […]

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Emerging Models in P&C Insurance: IaaS and On-demand

We live in an instant, mobile and on-demand world. Consumers and businesses expect to buy everything they need online, in a matter of minutes. We’ve already seen these trends disrupt many other industries and the insurance industry is not immune. It’s time for insurers to move beyond online quotes to online everything.   With this […]

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Telematics in 2021: Have We Reached the Tipping Point?

Consumers may be ready to embrace telematics – even if insurance professionals don’t realize it yet. Here’s why 2021 may see a surge in the use of telematics. Business Owners Are Interested in Telematics Insurance agents are missing out on opportunities if they don’t talk to their commercial auto clients about telematics. That’s a takeaway […]

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Planning for 2021 Tech: Four Key Considerations

Are you ready for 2021? 2020 has brought unprecedented challenges and rapid transformations. Consumer expectations have changed, and insurers need the right technology if they want to maintain a competitive edge. As you prepare the new year, take some time to assess your readiness in the following areas #1 Your Policyholder Mobile App Pew Research […]

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Will P&C Insurers Be on The Hook for Business Interruption?


The P&C insurance industry might not be as immune to COVID-19 as previously assumed. Although many P&C policies exclude losses caused by communicable diseases, insurers may still end up on hook for coronavirus-related business interruption. Business Interruption Like Never Seen Before Right now, an unprecedented number of businesses are dealing with business interruption due to […]

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