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The Insurance Claims Satisfaction Divide:
How to Digitize and Delight

Insurance Claims Satisfaction

Your claimants might not be as happy as you assume. J.D. Power’s 2022 U.S. Property Claims Satisfaction Study found that claim satisfaction dropped to a five-year low. For insurers who think they’ve been doing a great job improving the customer experience in recent years, this could come as an unpleasant surprise. Clearly, insurers need to […]

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Now Is The Time For Digital Payments

Digital Payments for Insurance

Have you been holding out on digital payments? You’re not alone. The insurance industry can be slow to change, and this trend has held true in the adoption of digital payments for insurance. There’s a difference between cautiously slow and ludicrously sluggish, however. Technology has made digital inbound and outbound payments possible, and the time […]

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Looking to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention? Payment Options and Speed Will Move the Needle

insurance customer satisfaction

Auto insurers are failing to increase customer satisfaction. That’s the takeaway from J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Auto Insurance Study. After four years of improvement, customer satisfaction remained flat – despite the fact that auto insurers returned more than $18 billion in auto insurance premiums during 2020.  If giving back more than $18 billion isn’t enough […]

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Tackling the Evolving Claims Experience: Three Perspectives

evolving claims experience

The claims experiencing is evolving. Claimants have new expectations, adjusters have new tools, and insurance companies are evaluating ways to meet new demands while managing the risks that come with them. The evolution we’re seeing right now is a massive change that impacts every touch point in the claims process. A simple tweak here and […]

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Can You Pass Payment Processing Fees onto Insurance Policyholders?

Should You Pass Payment Processing Fees onto Insurance Policyholders

Credit card processing fees can eat into your profits – but what if you could use them to generate revenue instead? It’s possible when you allow a fee for elected outbound digital payments to insureds. You benefit from fee collection, while your policyholders benefit from convenient payment options. Credit Card Processing Isn’t Free Credit card […]

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How Insurers Can Appeal to Gen Z Buyers

How Insurers Can Appeal to Gen Z Buyers

Generation Z is ready to change the world. Businesses should take note. Generation Z includes people born after 1996. In 2021, the oldest members of this generation are 24. They’ve graduated from high school, and some of have graduated from college. They’re still young, but they can work, shop and vote. They are a vocal […]

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Two Factors Driving Digital Payment Adoption

digital payment adoption

Digital payments are quickly becoming the norm. The Federal Reserve announced that ACH transfers exceeded check payments for the first time in 2018. Since then, the adoption of digital payments has grown. Here are two factors driving the switch to digital payments. Factor #1: COVID-19 and Online Shopping The pandemic kept many people at home, […]

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