Interactive Voice Response

Minimize Insurance Customer Service Pain Points

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) helps solve many common pain points in insurance customer service. With IVR, you can easily collect inbound payment, route calls, send outbound policy reminders, and more. You use fewer resources.
Your customers spend less time waiting. Everyone wins.

The Self-Service Options, Flexibility and Convenience Your Policyholders Want

Inbound IVR


Free up resources spent
on inbound calls
while reducing wait times.

Outbound IVR


Send outbound messages fast -
without overwhelming call reps.

Pay by Text IVR

Pay by Text

Do your customers prefer texting?
No problem!

The Solution You’ve Been Looking For

IVR provides many of the solutions insurers need.

  • Cost – Silvervine offers competitive pricing, so you can reap IVR savings.
  • Cloud-Based – The SaaS/cloud-based solution eliminates the need for investment into server, infrastructure or telecom hardware on the insurer’s part. It’s also highly scalable and secured with built-in redundancy.
  • Customization – Silvervine’s IVR system is fully customizable. Select the voice options that match your brand.
IVR Payment Processing
Online Payment Processing

The Self-Service Options Your Customers Demand

  • Convenience – Customers can call anytime, day or night, without having to wait for a representative to answer.
  • Payment Options – Customers can choose how they want to pay, including credit card or bank account. They can pay by phone or by text.
  • Policy Detection – The IVR system automatically matches the phone number to the policy for speed and convenience.
  • Receipts – The customer receives email or SMS receipts of the transaction automatically.

Getting Started Is Fast and Easy

  • Implementation – The Silvervine team handles the heavy lifting of integrating the IVR system with your policy administration system and payment partner.
  • Compatibility – The IVR system can be built into any policy administration system.
Silvervine IVR