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Evergreen Policy Administration Software

The P&C insurance industry is changing fast. So how do you stay on the leading edge? Download our Evergreen brochure to discover how the right insurance software can help you reach your goals and grow market share. 

Buyer’s Guide to Insurance Software Decisions (Part 1)

In this first installment of our three-part software series, we walk you through the buying process for your new insurance system. Learn how to avoid the five most common software-buying traps, conduct targeted research, evaluate vendors and establish key milestones.

Buyer’s Guide to Insurance Software Decisions (Part 2)

Our Buying Guide Part 2 provides the ultimate checklist of over 115 key policy administration capabilities to consider. The blank chart format allows you to grade each system's capabilities and take notes as you go through your demos.

Policy Administration Demo  

Discover Evergreen. It’s web-based policy administration suite equips you with all the fundamental insurance capabilities you expect along with some surprising bells and whistles. Request a demo and discover the reasons behind all the buzz.

Silvervine Sign Electronic Signature

Powerful electronic signature functionality with robust security and notable savings. Learn how you can quickly and affordably integrate Silvervine Sign with any policy admin system. 

Silvervine Messenger

Communicate with your policyholders with ease. Whether its phone, text, e-mail or interactive voice response, Messenger makes it convenient and easy with preprogrammed, customized messages that are sent when specific triggers are met. Fully configurable, it can be integrated into Evergreen or any policy administration system. 


D2C Blueprint  

If Your Plans for the Future Include Direct-to-Consumer Sales, Download the D2C Blueprint! This is the only report of its kind in the industry. Do not take another step toward D2C implementation without first reading this vital information.

Interactive Voice Response  (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response is a powerful addition to any insurer's strategy. From routing calls and taking payments over the phone, to outbound policy reminders, alerts and text-to-pay features, IVR frees up time for your team to handle the specialized needs of insureds. 

Insurance e-Signature Options: How to Achieve Superior Return on Investment White Paper

The market for electronic signatures is growing, and companies have multiple electronic signature providers to choose from. Learn how to compare providers, where hidden fees are located and considerations for selection. A complimentary cost comparison checklist is included.  

How Insurers Can Compete When Insurance is Sold Everywhere White Paper

Carrier executives are facing new challenges with the entrance of Amazon, Tesla, and Walmart into insurance arena. What does that mean for current insurance providers? Take a deeper dive to explore how insurers can implement new sales methods today to gain the competitive edge in our evolving marketplace.

How to Survive, Thrive and Grow in a Digitally Driven Market White Paper

The insurance landscape is rapidly changing. Learn the strategies, steps, tools and considerations  to grow your business and maintain high customer satisfaction. 


11 Emerging Auto Insurance Trends White Paper

Millennials. Chatbots. Direct-to-Consumer Sales. Mobile. Telematics. Autonomous Cars. Is your company ready to take on all the emerging trends and models? Discover a few emerging trends that may shape your future.


Silvervine Payment Platform Capabilities Profile

Are you losing too much profit to credit card and ACH processing fees? Are you waiting two to three days for funding? Find out if Silvervine can lower your expense ratio and increase your AR efficiency.


About Silvervine – Company Profile

Silvervine is small enough to listen and large enough to rely on. Learn more about why insurers choose Silvervine as their insurance software partner.