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Managed Insurance Software Hosting

When looking for a host for your Silvervine Software applications, it makes sense to pick one that understands your insurance policy administration system. That's one reason Silvervine Managed Hosting is the Smart choice. With Silvervine Managed Hosting, never worry about insurance software system interruptions. Our hosting infrastructure uses internal redundancy, multiple power sources, multiple internet carriers, and natural gas generators to ensure a secure and stable system. As if that weren't enough, the Mirrored Failover Option adds an extra level of stability. With two secure locations more than 100 miles apart, you can rest assured that your applications will work with almost no downtime in the unlikely event that a hosting facility becomes unavailable. Your documents are important, and Silvervine Managed Hosting protects them with full daily backups and daily virtual machine snapshots stores on a separate machine. Because you receive notification and alerts, you never have to worry about the status of your backups. Each document and attachment is copied to private Amazon Cloud Storage, and missing local documents are automatically recreated.

Silvervine Managed Hosting Perks

• Application Code + Attachment

• Document Strategy & SQL Data Strategy

• Daily snapshots of the server stored on separate machine

• Code is stored in GitHub Storage

• Amazon Cloud storage backup

• Missing documents automatically recreated from the cloud

• Stored on separate machine

• Notifications and alerts when backups are created or failed

• Full transactional backups both daily and hourly

• Daily virtual machine snapshots also stored on separate machines