Evergreen P&C Insurance Software
Features & Advantages

Browser independent, web-based core administration suite: Our system is available from anywhere with internet access.

  • Crucial insurance functions are always accessible
  • Facilities easier support for agency networks, remote locations and travelling or telecommuting team members
  • Works with any Internet browser

Speed to market: We measure and map our client's current workflow to deliver a promised implementation benchmark.

  • Save time
  • Eliminate mistakes
  • Reduce opportunity cost
  • Achieve goals of greater efficiency, productivity and profit faster
  • Better ROI
  • Rate modeling simulator: Allows clients to test proposed rates and to see the potential impacts before implementation.

  • Informed decision-making
  • Fewer surprises
  • Easier transitions
  • Verification of rate adequacy
  • No-risk answers to "what if" scenarios
  • Architectural integrity for financial reporting: Our system accurately tracks every transaction back to the policy level.

  • Easy to balance/reconcile
  • Faster audits with fewer questions to resolve
  • Accurate premium, reinsurance, commission and ratio tracking
  • Confident decision making
  • Intelligence on demand: It's very easy to extract data and run customizable reports on the fly.

  • Get information quickly
  • Make fact-based decisions with confidence
  • Direct-to-consumer sales capability: Allows our insurance clients to evolve their distribution models without the expense of new software.

  • Facilitates sales growth and distribution evolution
  • May enable a more profitable business model
  • Real-time third party integration: Allow system to interface with data verification sources and state filing databases in real time

  • Improved agent and policyholder satisfaction
  • Less confusion and delay
  • No need to manage manual updates/syncing
  • Real-time policy data-synchronization: Ensures the agent and policyholder see the same data as the back office

  • Quickly adapt to chancing market and claim conditions
  • Reduce programming costs
  • Real-time third-party integrations: Allow system to interface with data verification sources and state filing database in real time

  • Faster quote and bind capability
  • More accurate underwriting and pricing
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Happier agents and policyholders
  • Permission-driven rules: Clients can assign different permissions for difference types of users.

  • Reduce programming costs by managing this in-house
  • Control risk of having too many people with too much access
  • Expandability of system: Easily add states, products and new lines of business

  • The modular nature of the system means that it can easily grow with you
  • Better system ROI
  • Regular updates and upgrades: Frequent updates are pushed out to users

  • Ensures system is always current, eliminates aging
  • Enhances efficiency
  • Less programming costs
  • Multi-tenant design: Receive swift updates 

    • Increases efficiency 
    • Keeps system current and equipped with Evergreen's latest capabilities

    Lower maintenance cost / faster turnaround on support requests: 

    • New coding structure makes Evergreen much easier to support and change
    • Less programming costs

    More intuitive interface and comprehensive help: Clients can assign difference permissions for difference types of users.

  • Get information quickly
  • Make fact-based decisions with confidence