What You'll Love About the
Evergreen Policy Administration System


  • Fact-Based Decisions
  • Verification of Rate Adequacy
  • Answers to What-If Scenario/Rating Model Simulation
  • Expense, Loss and Combined Ratio Tracking
  • Architectural Integrity


  • Monthly Balancing
  • Premium Tracking
  • DOI and Ratings Audits
  • Financial and ROI Projections
  • Expense, Loss and Combined Ratio Tracking
  • Manage and Track Reisurance
  • Manage Commission Payments
  • Architectural Integrity
  • Accounting/Reconcilation


  • Direct-to-Consumer Sales Capability
  • Policyholder Satisfaction
  • Maintaining/Enhancing Corporate Reputation
  • Positive Agency Relations / Distribution management
  • Easy Quote and Bind
  • Rating Model  Simulation to Project New Opportunity
  • Real-time Policy Data Synchronization for Agent Satisfaction


  • Configure Reports/Extract Data
  • Guaranteed System Uptime
  • Manage Third-party Integrations/State Filings
  • Make Business Rule Changes without Programming Support
  • Add States, Products or New Lines of Business
  • More Daily Control with Less Need for Developer Support
  • Permission Driven Rules (100% Controlled by Company)
  • Full Customization
  • Regular Updates and Upgrades
  • Multi-Tenant Design
  • Universal API


  • ALL OF THE ABOVE + Speed to Market


  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Faster Turnaround on Support Requests
  • Efficient and Intuitive Interface

General Users

  • Access Via Any Browser (Browser Independent)
  • Real-time Quote and Policy Issue
  • Policy Data Syncrhonization
  • Policy Administration, including out-of-sequence endorsements
  • Comparative Rating
  • Billing
  • Claims Management
  • Automated, Customizable Underwriting
  • Form and Document Library
  • Automated Statement Creation

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