Silvervine Mobile positively enhances the way insurers and policyholders exchange information and conduct business. 

Silvervine Software is proud to introduce Silvervine Mobile, a smartphone-based telematics and digital customer engagement solution powered by Xemplar Insights, a leading provider of digital transformation tools. Built to instantly enable self-service channels for policyholders and provide granular driver behavior data to insurers, the solution further expands Silvervine’s insure-tech footprint and adds to the company’s growing suite of policy administration products.

In today’s environment of instant information, Silvervine Mobile is powered to keep policyholders happy with immediate access to check policy details, download documents and ID cards, receive notifications and messages, file a claim, pay premiums, understand a user’s or a family member’s driving habits, review trip information, get traffic alerts, request roadside assistance, record and share routes, and launch incentives for safe driving.

Insurers benefit from Silvervine Mobile’s advanced smartphone telematics, which captures and analyzes high-risk driver behaviors. This valuable data is analyzed and presented in an analytics portal, aiding insurers with building superior risk management models.  With its advanced functionality, Silvervine Mobile provides an opportunity for insurers to optimize operations, without adding significant overhead.

Silvervine Mobile seamlessly integrates to the Evergreen policy administration system, and thanks to its versatile technology, it can be connected to any policy administration system, regardless of brand.

“Built to satisfy the distinctive needs of insurers and policyholders, we’ve teamed with Xemplar to deliver the best in advanced mobile capabilities to the insurance market,” said Jason Niederkorn, director of research and development at Silvervine Software. “True to Silvervine’s entire product line, Silvervine Mobile is fully customizable to meet the specific needs and brand requirements of the insurer.”

“We are delighted to partner with Silvervine to augment their policy administration capabilities with our digital solutions, to help insurers quickly enable mobile self-service and deploy loss containment strategies with UBI and safe driver incentives. Our OEM partnership with leading providers of insurance technology solutions like Silvervine, delivers a combined value-proposition to insurers who are looking to innovate with telematics, and enrich customer self-service.” said SK Tirumala, CEO of Xemplar Insights.

Silvervine Mobile is now available for implementation. To see the app in action, schedule a demo at //