Silvervine has announced the release of Evergreen, an ageless insurance policy administration system, built for the future. Evergreen combines advanced technologies and domain-driven design, outfitting insurers with a core system that evolves with the times – ever proven, ever reliable and ever efficient. 

The result? A platform that provides stability, efficiency, convenience and customizability – all at the same time – delivering a unique combination of powerful features, often considered mutually exclusive. 

Evergreen customers will benefit from reduced maintenance, automated upgrades and robust productivity while completing routine tasks such as onboarding policyholders, adding new products and expanding into new states. In addition, the platform positions insurers to sell direct-to-consumer and it engages both agents and policyholders with top-tier mobile applications. 

“The introduction of Evergreen addresses the insurance industry’s system needs of today and tomorrow, with an agile architecture that allows for seamless and rapid system updates to meet the evolving needs of the industry,” says Shurre Hampton, general manager of Silvervine Software. “The product roadmap for Evergreen is extensive and includes additions of other industry-leading functionalities, with regular productivity-enhancing system updates.  Evergreen was created to power insurance growth. This is a system that can reliably flex and proficiently adapt to meet the needs of the market.” 

Evergreen is now available for implementation. To see the system in action, schedule a demo at // Silvervine has been an industry pioneer of insurance software since 1996. Headquartered in Georgia, the company serves more than 50 insurers and MGAs throughout North America.