Silvervine Mobile

The Digital Experience Customers Demand

Provide your policyholders with the information and assistance they need, exactly when they need it! Silvervine Mobile features comprehensive policy information and advanced telematics allowing users to access data, file a claim and complete payments in a snap.

The mobile app is changing customer expectations and Silvervine Mobile will help you retain satisfied and engaged customers.

Instant Information and Self-Service Capabilities for Policyholders

  • View policy details
  • Download policy documents & ID cards
  • Receive notifications and messages
  • File a claim
  • Pay premiums
  • Understand the user’s driving habits
  • Monitor a family’s driving habits
  • Review trip information
  • Get traffic alerts
  • Request roadside assistance
  • Record and share routes
  • Launch incentives for safe driving

Ready to take it a step further? Schedule a demo and we'll demonstrate how Silvervine Mobile will enrich the total customer experience. 

Advanced Telematics Delivers Valuable Data

For today's insurer, precise, real-life data is the holy grail.  Silvervine Mobile features advanced telematics, equipping insurers with the important data that is essential for building superior risk models.  In turn, rate adjustments can be customized based on behavioral metrics such as driver speed, braking patterns, phone usage, etc. 

On the flip side, the data allows mobile app users to better understand their driving behavior and analyze driving patterns. 


Compatible with Any Policy Administration System

Silvervine Mobile seamlessly integrates with our state-of-the-art Evergreen policy administration system. Thanks to the system's versatile and progressive technology, Silvervine Mobile can be connected to any policy administration system, regardless of brand. 

And we can have you up and running on Silvervine Mobile in 90 days.

The Mobile Revolution:
Redefining the Insurer-Customer Relationship

Today, people use their mobile devices for multiple facets of life — phone, calendar, shopping, banking, utilities and list goes on. 

In Deloitte’s report on global mobile consumer trends, it’s revealed that one-third of smartphone users worldwide check their devices within five minutes of waking up. In the United States, 21% of users check their smartphone 50 or more times a day.

What does this mean for insurers and what kind of information can mobile apps provide? You may be surprised to learn how mobile apps greatly benefit the policy holder and the insurer. 

Mobile is changing insurance. Download this white paper to learn how.

Silvervine Mobile Brochure

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