It’s Official. Silvervine 6.0 Has Arrived.


Have you heard? In 2017, Silvervine quietly rolled out and tested the most innovative version of it policy administration system yet: Silvervine 6.0.

This mid-market solution takes everything that customers loved about 4.0 to the next level. The first thing you’ll notice is the user experience. Screens are sleek and intuitive with navigational features that dramatically reduce training time, and there are comprehensive help screens ready to serve in any area that proves tricky.

If you look beneath the hood, you’ll discover a new menu structure that dynamically presents to each user, based on permission and user type. Forms are now managed in PDF format, and there are new claims, workflow and workbasket modules to supercharge your team’s efficiency.

Power users can now open and navigate between multiple tabs at once and third-party integrations now open in a separate screen. It’s like Disneyland for insurance underwriters, but your IT team will be equally inspired. Silvervine 6.0’s new coding structure puts power at their fingertips. They can set and manage permissions and adjust underwriting business rules on the fly, without the need for programming support. Maintenance and updates are faster and easier too.

At the helm of your operation, your marketing team will be like a kid in a candy store. With Silvervine 6.0, the sales and distribution possibilities are endless – almost. Yes, you can sell direct-to-consumer. Yes, you can offer agents and policyholders a branded mobile app. Yes, the system delivers real-time policy data synchronization, so agents and policyholders see the same information that underwriters see. And, yes, you can add new products, lines of business and states easily, thanks to the program’s modular coding structure.

What about the accounting team? They will respect 6.0 too. This system is even more architecturally sound than 4.0, making it easy to balance and reconcile for month-end reporting, auditors and financial rating bureaus. It’s also easy to extract data with a wide range of data querying capabilities. If you crave intelligence on demand, 6.0 delivers.

One standout in the midst of all this robust functionality is a new rate modeling simulator, which verifies rate adequacy, and helps you project the planned impact of pricing changes.

The insurance industry is changing fast. Are you ready to capture new opportunities? If your policy administration system is struggling, look closely at Silvervine 6.0. It will take you to the future. Would you like to learn more? Download our Momentum brochure or request a Silvervine 6.0 demo.