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Two Factors Driving Digital Payment Adoption

digital payment adoption

Digital payments are quickly becoming the norm. The Federal Reserve announced that ACH transfers exceeded check payments for the first time in 2018. Since then, the adoption of digital payments has grown. Here are two factors driving the switch to digital payments. Factor #1: COVID-19 and Online Shopping The pandemic kept many people at home, […]

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Digital Claims Payments: What’s Happening Now

When’s the last time you wrote or cashed a paper check? More importantly, when’s the last time your customers did? Paper checks are giving way to faster, digital payment options. In the insurance industry, this trend isn’t limited to digital premium payments. Claims payments are also going digital. Customers Want Instant Payments A survey from […]

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New Trends in Online Payment Processing

Have you ever mapped out the customer journey for your auto and home policyholders? If you did, you’d discover this interesting truth: Most policyholder interactions involve payments. Either they’re paying you premiums or you’re paying them for claims. Because your most frequent policyholder touchpoint involves payments, it’s vital to have a cutting edge payment processing […]

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